Womens Artistic Gymnastics

Our Grips Womens Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) Program caters for National Level and Elite Level gymnasts with the desire and ability to excel in competitive gymnastics at various events throughout the year. Gymnasts selected will compete in individual and team competitions. Grips has enjoyed much success at competitions over the years. Our highly qualified and experienced coaches (including an Olympic Coach) provide a high standard of training and they work with individuals to reach their personal goals. Our gymnast set their personal goals to align within Australian Levels Program (ALP).

Competitive gymnastics requires commitment and dedication from both athletes and their families. It can be a demanding sport but the rewards are long-lasting. Gymnasts are required to train a minimum number of hours a week (can be up to 16 hours) to ensure that they are dedicating enough time to developing physically and mentally to excel within the program.
Our WAG competitive program is by invite only.