The Recreation Program is an entry level program for children who have little or no previous gymnastics experience. It is a one-hour class and a great introduction to gymnastics and for children to have a go on all the equipment as well and learning handstands, cartwheels, rolls and more!

These classes promote and develop co-ordination, flexibility and strength. Children will have full use of all apparatus including beams, vault, bars, trampoline, mini tramp and a fully sprung floor. These classes are designed for those children who like to keep fit and healthy whilst having FUN! We have several classes which cover a wide range of ages for both girls and boys.

We stream our classes according to the ability of the gymnasts. This ensures that ensure that we are teaching to each child’s level of skill and ability. For children that have a higher level of skills can be offered a spot in our Gymstar or Squad classes.

This means that all the girls and boys in the one class are at a similar level and coaches are able to plan for consistent progression. Age is a secondary factor in placing children in one-hour classes; however, we try to keep similar aged children together where possible. The activities in Recreation Program are safe and encourage kids to work with others, cooperate and build self-esteem.