Kindergym Classes

Kindergym is a movement program designed for children aged 3 to 5 years, where the number one goal is promotion of self-esteem in all of our students. Gymnastics is utilised to teach children important life skills such as sharing, taking turns, voicing opinions, listening, goal setting, and a willingness to attempt new things. It provides the opportunity for children to develop many essential physical attributes, such as: gross motor functions, fine motor functions, balance, strength, co-ordination, flexibility, spatial awareness, and body control in a fun and safe environment. 

We have classes available on:

Tuesdays 10am – 11am (3-4yrs)

 Saturdays 9am – 10am (3-4yrs)

Saturday 10am – 11am (4-5yrs)

3 – 4 year old – Kindergym

The class is a 1 hour session. These classes require parent participation at all times. Throughout the class, there is group time, self-initiated play, circuits and skill learning. The children have target skills to achieve throughout the year, in a fun and safe environment.

4 - 5 year old – Kindergym

The 4-5 year old class is a 1 hour session. This is a transition into through to the Recreational or Pre – Squad Programs. This class is an extension of the 3 – 4 year old program. There is no parent participation in these classes. The children need to be confident enough to participate without mum and dad on the floor.