Kindergym is a movement program designed for children aged 5 and under, where the number one goal is promotion of self-esteem in all of our students. Gymnastics is utilised to teach children important life skills such as sharing, taking turns, voicing opinions, listening, goal setting, and a willingness to attempt new things. It provides the opportunity for children to develop many essential physical attributes, such as: gross motor functions, fine motor functions, balance, strength, co-ordination, flexibility, spatial awareness, and body control.

Our Kindergym classes are run by coaches who have specific Kindergym training. Our equipment is set with inbuilt challenges whilst maintaining a fun and safe environment. The equipment set-up will change fortnightly to ensure that your child is constantly being challenged. It is important that the children wear something comfortable, so that they can move freely. Shorts and t-shirts, leggings and track pants are ideal. Girls with long hair need to keep it tied back for class.