Health and Safety Policy

Policy Name

Health and Safety Policy

Date of Approval

01 July 2019

Date of Review

01 July 2020

Policy Coverage

The well-being of its athletes, volunteers, employees and spectators is a major consideration in every aspect of the operations of Grips Gymnastics Club. Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all athletes, volunteers, employees and spectators. To demonstrate commitment to this policy, Grips Gymnastics Club will place the safety and health of these parties foremost, ahead of property and equipment.

Grips Gymnastics Club will manage health and safety by:
• Controlling the health and safety risks at work.
• Involving employees on health and safety issues that affect them.
• Making sure that where employees work, and any equipment they use, is safe.
• Making sure that dangerous substances are stored and used safely.
• Making sure employees, especially new employees, have relevant information and training on health and safety.
• Making sure employees can do their jobs and are properly trained.
• Trying to stop accidents and work-related health problems.
• Regularly checking that working conditions are safe and healthy.
• Regularly reviewing this policy and making changes if necessary.


Grips Gymnastics Club is committed to providing members with a high standard of service and care with regards to all equipment used at the club. This obligation is ongoing and does not end at the conclusion of a relevant gymnastics event and is to be borne by all relevant persons. To ensure this obligation is met, equipment must be well maintained and testing of all equipment must be rigorous and up to date in line with the suggested review timeline by the relevant body.

This Policy has been formulated to ensure that all equipment used within the normal programs of the Club can be acquired, maintained and replaced on a regular and ongoing basis.


Athlete: being a Club Member participating in an appropriate session, visiting athlete in training or competition.

Volunteer: a person who works for the club without being paid. This may be on a regular or irregular basis.

Employee: a person employed and paid by the club to carry out a defined role.

Health; being the individual wellbeing of an athlete, volunteer, employee or spectator.
Safety; being protected from the risk of harm or injury.


The Policy applies to all of Grips Gymnastics Club staff, members, visitors, contractors and volunteers. It also applies to all activities on and off Grips Gymnastics Club property; including competitions, displays, events and any other programmed activity outside of Grips Gymnastics Club venue.


General Responsibilities

To enable Grips Gymnastics Club and its athletes, volunteers, employees and spectators to comply with the Health and Safety Policy, Grips Gymnastics Club undertakes to:

• Comply with all relevant Occupational Health and Safety legislation and codes of practice to provide a safe workplace.

• Commit the necessary funds to meet all legislative obligations, codes of practice and approved minimum standards.

• Provide the necessary training for volunteers and employees to perform their work in a safe and healthy manner.

• Encourage all work groups to take responsibility of workplace issues and in consultation, develop safe work systems.

• Utilise appropriate communication mechanism to raise awareness and promote Occupational Health and Safety matters.

The following people have responsibilities for health and safety at Grips Gymnastics Club:






Melic Tichabaev

e.g.1) Emergency Evacuation – in case of fire or other emergency, your premises may need to be evacuated. A fire risk assessment should be undertaken, and someone should implement emergency procedures, preferably suitably trained.

Who will undertake this?


Nargiza Tichabaev

e.g.2) H&S induction – all new staff members should receive training and

information about applying this policy. Who will undertake this?


Melic Tichabaev

e.g.3) H&S risk assessment – risk assessments will need to be recorded and whoever undertakes them, should ideally be trained. A clear process should be documented to control the health and safety

risks at work, see Appendix 1. Who will carry out the risk assessments?


Nargiza Tichabaev

e.g.4) Employee representative – Very small organisations may consult employees directly. Alternatively, the employers might consult a health and safety representative, or committee chosen by the



Melic Tichabaev

e.g.5) First Aider – as a minimum, organisations must have a suitably stocked first-aid kit, information for staff about the first-aid arrangements and an appointed

person to take charge of these arrangements. Who is your first-aider?


Tammy Hart

e.g.6) Accident recording, investigating and reporting – You must keep all accident report forms and records of the incidents.

Keeping records will help identify patterns of

accidents and injuries. Who will record accidents?

Employees are responsible for:

Specific Responsibilities

The following people will be responsible for making sure that the workplace and equipment are safe;

The following people will be responsible for making sure the training and inductions are carried out and documented;


Grips Gymnastics Club has a Complaints Handling Procedure and will deal with any complaints about breaches of this Policy promptly, seriously, sensitively and confidentially. Grips Gymnastics Club recognises that natural justice is the minimum standard of fairness to be applied in the investigation and adjudication of a complaint.

Disciplinary action will be taken by Grips Gymnastics Club against anyone who:

The discipline will depend on the severity of the case and may involve an apology, counselling, suspension, dismissal or other form of action.


Grips Gymnastics Club administration responsible for implementing this Policy will keep confidential the names and details relating to complaints, unless disclosure is: