Extreme Weather Policy

Policy Name

Extreme Weather Policy

Date of Approval

01 July 2019

Date of Review

01 July 2020

Policy Coverage

The purpose of this policy is to outline the conditions under which classes will be cancelled as a result of extreme weather conditions.
This policy is a safety measure to ensure we reduce the risk of injury or illness as a result of training in extremely hot conditions. This applies to ALL classes and events held at Grips Gymnastics Club.

Notice of any cancellations will be made available via email, however, parents and coaches are requested to check Grips Instagram page or call the gym direct at either 3pm on weekdays and 30 minutes prior to the start of session for training, events held on a Saturday, holiday periods and Kindergym.


When the temperature exceeds 36 degrees inside the gymnasium all sessions will be postponed or cancelled.
Note: All temperature readings are taken at 3pm before training on week days and 30 minutes prior to any training time on Saturdays, holiday periods and during Kindergym timeslots.


Gymnastics sessions should be carefully monitored and adapted accordingly in conditions of extreme temperatures and humidity.

Coaches will allow children and all users time to drink plenty of fluid during activity. Children do not instinctively drink enough fluids to replace the amount they lose during activity and they have greater difficulty getting rid of heat than adults. Adequate fluid intake before, during (monitored by coaches) and after all sessions must be ensured.

Providing fans, ice packs and drink water fountain will also assist participants in cooling down.

Coaches note that warm weather does not mean warm muscles! Always warm up the athletes as you would for clement temperature.