Equipment Policy

Policy Name

Equipment Policy

Date of Approval

01 July 2019

Date of Review

01 July 2020

Policy Coverage

This Policy applies to the acquisition, maintenance and replacement of equipment that is required for the conduct of the club’s normal programs to occur successfully.


Grips Gymnastics Club is committed to providing members with a high standard of service and care with regards to all equipment used at the club. This obligation is ongoing and does not end at the conclusion of a relevant gymnastics event and is to be borne by all relevant persons. To ensure this obligation is met, equipment must be well maintained and testing of all equipment must be rigorous and up to date in line with the suggested review timeline by the relevant body.

This Policy has been formulated to ensure that all equipment used within the normal programs of the Club can be acquired, maintained and replaced on a regular and ongoing basis.


Acquisition refers to the identification and taking possession (either through purchase, loan or donation) of equipment required for the conduct of Grip’s normal programs.

Equipment refers to all physical items used within the normal programs conducted by Grips.

Maintenance refers to the upkeep, fixing or altering of equipment required for the conduct of the Grips normal programs.

Replacement refers to providing new or alternative equipment for unsafe, damaged or old equipment that is required for the conduct of Grips normal programs

Testing refers to the reviewing of the safety and practical usage of all equipment used by the Grips to ensure it meets the rigorous safety standards as established by the relevant WorkSafe branch in your State of Territory.


This policy applies to all:

Members – those participants who belong to or participate in a particular Club program through formal membership procedures.

Paid staff – those personnel employed by the Club and paid remuneration

Volunteers – those personnel who do defined work without remuneration.
For clarity, Volunteers include any parent, friend or acquaintance of any person present while an event at your club is underway.


This section specifies the requirements and responsibilities of all parties to whom this Policy applies.


Acquisition – Suggestions for additional equipment are to be forwarded to the head coach of the class the member is participating in.

Maintenance – Members who notice equipment that requires attention are to report this to their coach immediately.

Paid Staff or Volunteers


Acquisition – Coaches are to forward requests and requirements for equipment to the relevant staff or committee members. Suggestions for fundraising to allow the equipment to be purchased should be presented to management or the committee in the format of a business case.

Maintenance – Coaches are responsible for conducting the relevant equipment safety and maintenance checks within the required timeframes. All required maintenance is to be detailed within the equipment safety and maintenance checklists.

Replacement – Coaches are responsible for noting any equipment that requires replacing on the relevant equipment checklists. A proactive approach to replacement of equipment is to be taken whereby aged and repaired equipment is to be scrutinised thoroughly at regular intervals.
Office Administration

Acquisition – Office Administration is responsible for initially checking newly acquired equipment upon delivery to the gymnasium. Personnel delivering newly acquired equipment are required to wait until the initial check has been completed in case the equipment is not in an appropriate condition when delivered.

Maintenance – Office Administration are responsible for ensuring all scheduled equipment checks are being conducted by the relevant members of the club at the appropriate and documented intervals.
All notes recorded on the relevant checklists are to be actioned, and the action taken is to be recorded. In addition, the Club Owner is required to regularly rotate all landing surfaces to ensure even wear and tear.

Replacement – Office Administration are to be conversant with the life expectancies of all equipment within the gym. Scheduled replacement should occur on a regular basis to prevent the standard of equipment provided by the club to drop. Annual and long term replacement schemes/programs are to be implemented and documented.


Grips Gymnastics Club undertakes to deal with any complaints of a breach of the Equipment Policy promptly, seriously, sensitively and confidentially. At any stage, it is the sole right of the Complainant to proceed with, or dissolve, a complaint.
The following procedure is to be followed should a breach of this Policy become evident:

Procedural Steps

The breach should be formally reported to the Office Administration for attention.
The Office Administration will be empowered to address the breach specifically with the individual reported to have breached the Policy.

In the instance that the Office Administration is reported to have breached the Policy, the Club Owner will address the matter with the Office Administration directly.

Following an approach by the Office Administration, should the behaviour continue, the Club Owner will address the individual concerned.

If no resolution is achieved, reports are provided to the full Club Owner to determine the appropriate course of action.


The clubs representative(s) responsible for implementing this Policy will keep confidential, as per the Privacy Policy, the names and details relating to complaints, unless disclosure is:

• Necessary as part of the corrective process;
• Required by law; or
• Given, by explicit written consent by the complainant, to the club representative


Complaints should be resolved as soon as possible; should the complaint not be resolved in accordance with the ‘Breaches and Consequences’ Section then the grievance/complaints procedure of the Club is to be followed.


Recommended changes to this Policy may be submitted to the club for consideration. The club will review the recommendations and have the authority to make changes to this Policy. Should changes be accepted the Policy would be updated, dated and circulated to all members.

In addition, Grips is committed to ensuring all policies are up-to-date, therefore reviews are undertaken annually. The next review date is detailed at the beginning of each policy.